The Journey Begins

As an anthropologist who studies sexuality, gender, and health among marginalized groups, the issues of dating, love, and how people making meaning in their lives have long been subjects of my academic work. However, I also write creatively about these issues as a woman, often with laughter and reflexive insights from the special people I’m blessed to have in my life. How we come to know others and ourselves as we travel through the intersecting tunnels of love, lust, and sex is forever fascinating. But, it’s also confusing, complex, and dependent upon who we are/how we identify and where we are at in our respective journeys. This blog is a place where I use the wealth of lived experience and other knowledge I’ve gleaned over time to ponder and ask questions about contemporary sex, dating, love, and life more broadly. I’m honest, raw, and funny- ha ha- and welcome you to the dispatches from the field that is my life as they emerge!


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